Verified Views, AVR’s & Photo-montages are produced to illustrate accurately
proposals within an existing context. These are invaluable tools used in support of
Planning applications, public consultations or as part of the design process.

Verified Views Cambridge University Complex Verified Views for Planning Applications Complex Verified Views for Planning Applications University of Cambridge | Bennetts Associates
Photomontage_CoH-V1 Photomontage_CoH-V2B Photomontage_CoH-V2A Photomontage_CoH-V3 Chemistry of Health, Cambridge | RHP Arch.
Brent Cross Hotel – V4 Brent Cross Hotel – V1 Brent Cross Hotel – V3 Brent Cross Hotel – V6 Brent Cross Hotel | Kruger & Krause Archts.
AQ external 4 – 181213_Corrected AQ external 2 – 121113 AQ – Balcony View_Level 12 – 181213 AQ – Birds Eye View – 201213 AQ – Garden View – 191213 AQ – 2Bed Sectional Plan – 160114 Admiral’s Quay, Southampton | HGP Architects
Verified-View_Hazelbury-Close_04 Verified-View_Hazelbury-Close_Existing Verified-View_Hazelbury-Close_01 Verified-View_Hazelbury-Close_02 Verified-View_Hazelbury-Close_03 Verified-View_Hazelbury-Close_04 Hazelbury Close, SW19 | Qubed Architects
3D imagery for marketing purposes Kilburn Park Road | CZWG Architects
Photomontage Architectural Visualisation London Green Lanes Church | Julian Cowie Architects
Architectural Visualisation Central London Waterloo Road | Kyson Design
Photomontage EPR Architects proposal London Waterloo Road | EPR Architects