eye-kon marketing 3D visual: Brewery Square on BBC News


Screen-grab of the BBC Website showcasing eye-kon’s Marketing CGI of the Cooperage.


Browsing the BBC News website, it was nice to came across this marketing 3D visual by eye-kon, produced in 2013 for the Brewery Square development in Dorchester.

The article dates March 2014, but it is always nice to stumble upon our work on the web.   It was published around the time when we visited the site, when had the opportunity to compare this and other additional 3D visuals we had produced with the buildings already completed. We had posted a few pictures here. It is quite gratifying!

The construction has now started on the new block that includes the Cooperage, the Keg Store, Copper Crescent, Hop House and Barley House.

This work was done in cooperation with CZWG Architects.

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