360 Tours & Virtual Reality (VR)

Panoramic Tours, Dynamic Tours & Virtual Reality showcase architectural environments through interactive and immersive experiences

360 Virtual Tours

360 Virtual Tours are visual experiences where static panoramic renders are combined together and allow you to visualise the scene around at 360 degrees, from one or multiple locations (hotspots). The user has good control over the scene and can easily choose what to look at or move from one hotspot to the other. Panoramic Tours can be easily embedded in marketing websites or viewed standalone on hand-held devices.

Dynamic Tours

Dynamic Tours are the bridge between 360 Panoramic Tours and Virtual Reality. Like the former, they are created by combining pre-rendered images, but are not limited in terms of movement by the hotspots: you can move freely around the scene like in a Virtual Reality environment.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality (VR) allows users to have an even more realistic and immersive experience. The stereoscopic feature offers unprecedented benefits: the depth perception allows clients to perceive the actual scale of the space and get the feeling of “being there”. It is typically seen as the preferred choice when producing content for VR headsets.