3D Architectural Animations

3D walk-throughs and architectural films are a very effective way to communicate every aspect of a project to a client or investor

Architectural animations use computer-generated imagery (CGI) to create a virtual tour of a building, which allows the viewer to quickly experience the space as if they were walking through it in real life.

Walk-throughs and architectural films provide a more engaging and realistic experience than static 2D images and are an effective tool when presenting design concepts to clients, promoting a new development to the public, or demonstrating the functionality and flow of a project.

There are several types of architectural animations:
- Walk-throughs are human-height animations that simulate the path within the architectural environment. They are ideal for showing the spatial fluidity of a project and focusing the attention on the details to be enhanced.
- Fly-throughs are animations with an aerial (bird's eye) perspective. They provide a more complete overview of the building, including its exterior and surroundings.
- Cinemagraphs are a hybrid of static visuals and animations, where only part of the rendering is animated. They are a very effective solution for bringing an image to life and making it more engaging.

Our Showreel

Ladbroke Road | Kitchen & Living Room Animation

Ladbroke Road | Bedroom Animation

Vega Tower | Cinemagraph

PLK7 | Bedroom Animation

North Woolwich Road | Cinemagraph

Go-compare | The Ideal Home Walkthrough