Temple Chambers | London EC4

The Project

Temple Chambers is a representation of modern aesthetics merged with functionality, providing an ideal environment for burgeoning businesses. Dorrington's acquisition of the building from the City of London in December 2021 reflects a strategic move towards fostering a hub for small businesses. The availability of 50 offices, ranging in capacity from 1 to 50 desks, ensures businesses of varying sizes find their perfect fit. The intent is clear: to provide a flexible workspace equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, ensuring that professionals enjoy a seamless work experience.

Our work

Our team was approached with the exciting challenge of producing CGIs for several key areas within Temple Chambers that were still under construction. These included a variety of office sizes, a modern kitchenette, a green courtyard, and top-notch meeting rooms. The 3D visualisations were crafted with accuracy and detail, offering a vivid glimpse into the spaces even before their materialisation. Leveraging the capabilities of 3D rendering, we've been able to provide images which allow individuals to envisage the final look and feel of these integral areas within the building.

LocationLondon EC4
Interior Design
dMFK Architects
 Client Dorrington Plc.