The Stylus | London EC1

The project

We were asked to produce internal and external views during the redevelopment of the 116 Old Street building, formerly home to the Margolin Gramophone Factory.

The developer wanted the CGIs in the marketing brochure to fully convey the iconic features of the 27,000 sq ft office space that would have been created as a result of the complete refitting of the space.

Our work

In the exterior views, the original, elegant Victorian façade has been reproduced and the palette of materials and colours carefully represented in a photo-realistic manner. 

The office space visuals reflect a young workspace combining flexibility and style. We reproduced and highlighted Stylus key design features such as exposed surfaces, high, column-free ceilings, the living green wall in the ground courtyard and the roof terrace. 

The dusk-shot photomontage for the terrace view is the highlight of the project, as it allows to showcase in one image the main features of the development. Using mast photography, the angle, timing and height of the original shot were carefully selected, so that the landscaping of the terrace, the breakout area, the bright and modern interiors, the proximity to other landmarks of the City of London could all be conveyed in one powerful and iconic image.

See Stylus brochure

LocationOld Street, London EC1
DesignGPAD Architecture & Interior Design
ClientCoastviews Estates
Letting AgentFetch Agency