Iconic Gateway Old Street Roundabout | London EC1

The project

Eye-kon cooperated with the award winning London architectural practice Gpad, providing visuals for the Old Street roundabout competition.

The entry was one of four to have its design chosen as a winning concept for the iconic redevelopment of this landmark site.

Gpad has proposed creating a digital garden which includes a forest of lights that generate electricity.

The visuals needed to convey the iconic nature of the design and the vision of the architects.

Our work

Our aim was to make the design stand out among hundreds of other entries and make it remarkable and memorable to both those who are familiar with the location and those who are not.

In this case, we chose the angle and the timing for the visuals to highlight the prominent and more remarkable features of Gpad design with a high degree of accuracy: the lighting, the landscaping, and the existing digital display reformed into an interactive totem cycle store as the central feature.

About the competition

The competition was organised by Islington Council in partnership with the Mayor of London, Transport for London (TfL) and Hackney Council. It asked designers to consider how the street could look after the roundabout is removed, in 2019.

The winning concepts were chosen from a longlist of 39 design teams that included Zaha Hadid Architects, AHMM and Es Devlin.

Architects Journal feature

LocationOld Street, London EC1
DesignGpad London