Verified Views (or AVRs)

Verified Views for planning applications are now a key requirement for large scale developments or for proposals located in a sensitive context. Local planning authorities welcome the submission of Verified Views  of selected views in the form of architectural photomontages obtained by following a very rigorous process.

A Verified View is essentially a photomontage of a urban or landscape view selected by the Planning Authority with an extremely high level of accuracy guaranteed by a very strict methodology involving a professional photographer and a surveyor. The camera locations and 12-15 key points on each selected photograph are recorded and surveyed; the cloud of surveyed 3D points is then used in our 3D package to accurately align the camera with the 3D Model of the proposal.

Our Verified Views, sometimes referred to as Accurate Visual Representations (AVR), are presented together with the Townscape & Visual Impact Assessment (TVIA) report, a method statement that follows a rigorous standard. The TVIA report includes:

  • a detailed description of the methodology
  • the camera information with supporting photography of the set-up, and
  • the existing/proposed photomontages.

Selection of Verified Views