Brent Cross Hotel | London NW4

The project

eye-kon was commissioned to produced a series of Verified Views for a planning submission of a high rise hotel in the Brent Cross area.

The Brent Cross Hotel as proposed by Kruger and Krause Architects presents a luxury hotel comprised of a series of blocks at different levels of extrusion, the massing of which correlates directly with the surrounding context in terms of the scale of these blocks. 

With Brent Cross shopping centre to the west, offices to the south and housing to the east, the project lends to unite these groups by providing leisure and business facilities.

Our work 

The verified views allow for a true, accurate depiction of the proposal within it's setting and showcase the proposed design from the dual carriage way, as viewed from the residential zone and also from the west.

LocationBrent Cross, London NW4
DesignKruger & Krause Architects
ClientHoneyglen Properties Limited